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Dell OptiPlex 7040 // Zeus + Hermes⚓︎

These small servers are perfect for an ITX sized homelab. They provide enough computing power for most tasks and combined have 16GB of RAM. These servers were the first of my actual hardware I bought.


CPU RAM Storage OS Hostname
Intel i5-6500T 8GB 250GB SSD Debian 12 zeus
Intel i5-6500T 8GB 250GB SSD Debian 12 hermes


Both of these servers are part of a nomad datacentre that alloctes jobs on any available node according to the scheduler. You can find out more about the service running in this cluster here.


Converting from Windows to New OS⚓︎

  1. Create a bootable USB with desired operating system
  2. When booting up, press F2
  3. Allow "boot from USB" in BIOS
  4. Follow installer instructions


Optiplex Optiplex Optiplex