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Dell OptiPlex 7040 // Zeus + Hermes⚓︎

These small servers are perfect for an ITX sized homelab. They provide enough computing power for most tasks and combined have 16GB of RAM. These servers were the first of my actual hardware I bought.


CPU RAM Storage OS Hostname
Intel i5-6500T 8GB 250GB SSD Ubuntu 20.04 Zeus
Intel i5-6500T 8GB 500GB HDD Ubuntu 20.04 Hermes


The services running on the Dell OptiPlexes are listed here. This list is updated frequently.

As my HomeLab has two quite similar Dell OptiPlexes, it can run many services in a hot-hot/hot-cold format. When listing what services are running, the hostname will be listed beside it.

Service Name Description Highly Available? Host
Traefik Reverse Proxy manager Hermes
Unifi Controller Controls and manages the Ubuiquiti Switch Hermes
Paperless-ng Document storage Hermes
HedgeDoc Collaborative Markdown Editor Hermes
ddclient IP address updater for Cloudflare Hermes
Tautulli Plex statistic tracker Hermes
Overseerr Friendly user interface for Movies and TV shows Hermes
Home Assistant Home Automation Software Hermes
OpenVPN VPN for connecting to Homelab from the internet Zeus


Anything marked as Highly Available is run in either a hot-hot or hot-cold setup depending on the importance of the service.


Converting from Windows to New OS⚓︎

  1. Create a bootable USB with desired operating system
  2. When booting up, press F2
  3. Allow "boot from USB" in BIOS
  4. Follow installer instructions


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