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Raspberry Pis⚓︎

The standard device in almost any homelab, you can never have enough of them until you have too many. I have 4. They all have PoE+ hats that allow them to be connected to the internet and get power with one cable.

CPU RAM Storage OS Extras
Broadcom BCM2711 (ARM) 2GB 16GB USB Drive Raspbian 11 PoE+ Hat


The services running on the Raspberry Pis are listed here. This list is updated frequently.

As my HomeLab has two identical Raspberry Pis, it can run many services in a hot-hot/hot-cold format.

Service Name Description Highly Available? Hostname
Pihole Network-wide adblocker and DHCP Server Yes Apollo/Artemis


Anything marked as Highly Available is run in either a hot-hot or hot-cold setup depending on the importance of the service.


Raspis with cases Raspi Hats